R & R, R & B, Oddities, & Pop (78’s)   

Updated    4/9/14







FAYE ADAMS Herald 416  Gotta Leave You/Shake A Hand  VG-

AMES BROS. Coral 60140 Sentimental Me/Rag Mop  M- -

AMES BROS. RCA 205644 Man w/Banjo/Man Man….  VG+

AMES BROS. Coral 60846  My Fav. Song/Al-Lee-O  M- -

AMES BROS. Coral 60035  Cruising Down river/Clancy Lowered Boom  M-

ANDREWS SISTERS  Dec. 18840  Avocado/her Bathing Suit never Got Wet  M- -

ANGELIC GOSPEL SING. Gotham 633  Follow In His Footsteps/Remem. Me  VG

ANG.GOSPEL SING. Gotham 743  Gods Roll/If It Wasn't For Lord VG+

ANG.GOSPEL SING.  Gotham 711 Blessed Blessed Jesus/If Jesus Goes w/Me  VG+

ANG.GOSPEL SING. Gotham 627  Must Be Heaven Somewhere/My Life Will Be Sweeter  VG

ANG.GOSPEL SING. Gotham 755 Angels Watch.over Me/Going Home To Jesus  VG

PAUL ANKA Sparton (Can) 529R You Are My Destiny/When I Stop Loving You  M- -

RAY ANTHONY Cap. 2251  blow Man Blow/Bunny Hop  M-  dj

LOUIS ARMSTRONG Bruns. 80061  Static Start/Stomp Off… VG+

L.ARMSTRONG Dec. 29420  KoKoMo/Strutting w/Some Barbecue  M- - 

L.ARMSTRONG Dec. 24752  Blueberry Hill/Lucky Old Sun  VG++

L.ARMSTRONG Dec. 28177  Kiss of Fire/I’ll Walk Alone  VG+ (click)

D.ARNAZ RCA 202282  Green Eyes/Cuban Pete  VG

D.ARNAZ RCA 202281  Tico Tico/Peanut Vendor  VG+

PEARL BAILEY Col. 38673  Frankie & Johnny/Johnson Rag  VG++

P.BAILEY Coral 60817  Takes 2 To Tango/Let There Be Love  VG++

P.BAILEY Coral 60817  Takes 2 ToTango/let There Be Love  M-

LAVERN BAKER Atl. 1047  Tweedle Dee/Tomorrow Night  VG  (2)

BAR HARBOR SOC. ORCH.  Velvet Tone 1212V  Tango Amoroso/La Paloma

BLUE LU BARKER Cap. 15308  What did You Do To me/Little Bird Told me  VG++ 

CHARLIE BARNET  Dec. 18862  Cement Mixer/Madama Butterball 

M- -

NORA BAYES Col. A2816  Freckles/Every. Calls me Honey  VG++

B.BEIDERBECKE (4 rec. album) Col. C-29  Jazz As It Should Be Played - - all recs are M-, however 1 has surface crack – 4” X ½” on edge 1 side.  Jacket is VG

HARRY BELAFONTE RCA 206663  Jamaica Farewell/Once Was  VG++

JAN BEHRENS Philips (Ger) 44022  Schwarzbraum Ist Die Hase./Ein Heller Und Batzen  VG++/M- - (1/4” scratch)

TONY BENNETT Col. 39204  Valentino Tango/Dr. Sigmund Spaeth Special Valentino message  VG+  dj

BERLINER LIEDERTAFEL Elite Schafers Sonntagslied/Gott Grusse Dich VG++/M- -

BIBLETONE JUBILEERS  Bibletone 2006  Glad news/rock My Soul  VG+

BIG BILL & CHICAGO 5  Okeh 6651  Hard Hearted Woman/Gonna Move to Outskirts of Town  M- -

BIG 4 HITS  95  VG

BIG 4 HITS  103   VG

BARNEY BIGARD QUINT. Keynote 617  Rose Room/Coquette  VG

JACK BIRCH RCA BY74 Teddy Bears Picnic/Me & My Teddy Bear

M- -

JIMMY BLADES MUSIC Rondo 105  Canadian Caper/Doll Dance  M- -

M.BLANC Cap. 57-560  I’m Just Wild a/Animal Crackers/Big Bear Lake  VG

M.BLANC Cap. 32011 (purple) Bugs Bunny Meets Hiawatha  VG

ARCHIE BLEYER Cad. 1241  Hernandos Hideaway/S’il Vous Plait VG+

RAY BLOCK  Signature 15112  Duel In The Sun/Pt. 2  M- - 

DIMITRY BOLSHAKOFF Odeon 225145  Czardas/Serenatine  VG+ (surface crack side A)

P.BOONE  Dot 15338  Two Hearts/Tra La La  VG+,    M- -

P.BOONE  Dot 15570  Bernadine/Love Letters In Sand  M-

P.BOONE Dot 15377 Ain't That A Shame/Tenn.Sat.Night VG++

P.BOONE Dot 15521 Don't Forbid Me/anastasia  VG-

P.BOONE Dot (Can) 15660  April Love/When Swallows Come Back VG++

P.BOONE Reo (Can) 8137  Don't Forbid Me/Anastasia  VG++

P.BOONE Dot (Can) 15690 Don't Forbid Me/Its Too Soon/Know VG+

P.BOONE Dot 15490 Chains of Love/Friendly Persuasion  VG

P.BOONE Dot (Can) 15602 Rem. You're Mine/Theres Goldmine In..VG+

P.BOONE Dot 15472  I'm In Love w/You/I Almost Lost My Mind  M- -

P.BOONE Dot (Can) 15570  Bernadine/Love Letters..VG++

P.BOONE Dot 15545  Why Baby Why/I’m Waiting Just For You   M- -

P.BOONE Republic 7084  I Need Someone/Loving You Madly  VG++/M- -

EARL BOSTIC King 4536 Velvet Sunset/Linger Awhile  VG+

E.BOSTIC  King 4277  Blip Boogie/Watch Where U Walk Boy  VG+

JIM.BOWEN Roul. 4010 Warm Up To Me Baby/I Trusted You  VG

JIM.BOWEN Roul. 4001  Ever Lovin Fingers/I'm Stickin w/You VG++

JIMMY BOYD Col. 39871  I Saw Mommy Kiss. Santa Claus/Thumbelina  VG++/M- -

BOYER BROS.  Excello 2000  Step By Step/Oh Lord Stand By Me  VG+

TERESA BREWER Coral 161315  Moon Is On Fire/Let Me Go Lover  VG+

T.BREWER Coral 61362  Pledging My Love/How Import. Can It Be VG+,    VG++ (very very small rim chip doesn’t affect play) 

T.BREWER Coral 61286  My Sweetie Went Away/Time  VG++/M- - 

T.BREWER London (Eng) 678  Choo ‘n Gum/Honky Tonkin  M-

FANNY BRICE Cap. (from album CAS3116) Cleanliness/Good & Bad  VG+

BILLY BRIGGS Imp. 8111  Alarm Clock Boogie/Chew Tobacco Rag #2  VG+

BROADWAY DANCE ORCH. Edison 8493  Yankee Doodle Blues/Nobody Lied (rim chips)  VG+ 

HADDA BROOKS TRIO Mod.Music 123 Polonaise/Polonaise Boogie  VG+

H.BROOKS Modern Music 102  Just Little Bluesie/Swingin The boogie  VG++

NORMAN BROOKS Apex (Canada) 76001  Somebody Wonderful/You Shouldn't Have Kissed Me  M-

N.BROOKS Zodiac 101 Hello Sunshine/You're My Baby  M- -

BROTHER BONES Tempo 652  Sweet Georgia Brown/Margie  VG+  (2)

SLIM BRYANT majestic 11005  Ain’t We Crazy/how many chances…  VG++

BUCHANAN & GOODMAN Luniverse 101 Flying Saucer Pt.1/Pt.2 VG++    (5)

BUCH/GOODMAN Sparton (Can) 469R Flying Saucer the 2nd./Martian Melody  VG++

DAVE BURGESS  Okeh 7002  Judalina/Don’t Put A Dent In My Heart  VG  dj

ABNER BURKHARDT champion 15261  Red wing…/After The Ball  M-

HENRY BURR d & R 3555  jesus Lover of My Soul/All Hail Power jesus Name  VG++

H.BURR D & R 3630  I’ll Go Where U Want me To go/Saved by Grace  VG++

H.BURR D& R 3558  YIELD Not To Temptation/Throw Out Life Line  VG+

ERSKINE BUTTERFIELD Dec. 4400  Birmingham Special/Jumpin In Julep Joint  VG+

RED BUTTONS Col. 39981  Strange Things Are Happening/Ho Ho Song  VG++ (crack under surface 1 side) 

DON BYAS  ALL STAR QT.  jamboree 905  Avalon/Blue & Sentimental  VG

JERRY BYRD mer. 6198  Byrds Boogie/moonland  VG+

CADETS Modern 994  I Want You/Stranded In The Jungle  VG

CALIFORNIANS perfect 15351  fight On/Come Join Band  VG++

CAMPBELL & BURR Col. A3350  Luana/Mandalay  VG+

RUSS CARLYLE burgundy 1004  Nice Knowing You/In Little Spanish Town  VG++

HOAGY CARMICHAEL  ARA 123  Hong Kong Blues/How Lit. We Know  M- -

CATHY CARR coral 60907  Heartbroken/Half Pint Boogie  M- - /VG++  dj  $7

LEROY CARR voc. 1191  How Long How Long Blues/my own Lonesome Blues  VG

EDDIE CHAMBLEE Miracle 150  Song Of India/Cradle Rock  VG++

CHARIOTEERS  Col. 35811  We’ll meet Again/Call of Canyon  VG+

CHARIOTEERS Okeh 6390  Elmers Tune/Hawaiian Sunset  VG++

RAY CHARLES Atl. 1154  Swanee River Rock/I Want A Little Girl VG

CHARLIE & RAY  Herald 438  I Love You Madly/You’re To Blame  VG+

CHARMS Quality (Can) 4308 Bazoon-I Need Your Lovin/Ling Ting Tong  VG+

CHAUTAUGUA PREACHERS QUARTETTE Col. A2396  Come Spirit Come/That Beautiful Land  VG++

CHAUT. PREACHERS QT. Col. A1586  Church In Wildwood/Boys Old Brigade  VG+

CHAUT. PREACHERS QT. Col. A1610  Still Still With Thee/Remember Me O mighty One  VG++

CHAUT. PREACHERS QT. Col. A2120  Valley of Peace/Kings Business  VG++

CHAUT. PREACHERS QT. harmony 1584  Let Lower Lights Be Burning/Softly Now Light of Day  VG++

CHEERFUL EARFULS  Zale 1300  Old MacDonald Rock/Pop On The Rocks  M-

CHORDETTES Cad. 1247  Don’t Wanna See../Mr. Sandman  VG++

PET.CLARK Coral 60971  Tell Me Truly/Song of The Mermaid  VG   dj

SANFORD CLARK  Dot 15481  The Fool/Lonesome For A letter  VG++ (2 ½” edge chip – not into grooves)

CLEVELAND COLORED QUINTET gold Tone 116  Still Still w/Thee/Know Lords Laid Hands On Me  VG++

CLEVELAND COLORED QT.  Sacred 77  Walk Righ In/heav’n  VG++

CLEVELANDERS Conqueror 7459  year From Today/I’m Following You  VG++

ROSEMARY CLOONEY Col. 39467  Come On-A My House/Rose of The Mountain  VG+

ROSE.CLOONEY Col. 40266  This Ole House/Hey There  VG++,  VG+

ROSE. CLOONEY Col. 39710  Half As Much/poor Whip poor Will  VG++

CLOVERS  Atl. 1052  Blue Velvet/If You Love Me  VG++

CLOVERS Atl. 1000  Good Lovin/Here Goes A Fool   VG+

JERRY COLONNA Cap. 276  My fickle Eye/Farmers Life Is Very Merry Life  M- -

CLOVERS  Atl. 1083  Devil Or Angel/Hey Doll Baby   VG

*ARNETT COBB Okeh 682  Cocktails For 2/Walkin Home (tape on lbls)  VG+

KING COLE TRIO Cap. 20012  Easy Listenin Blues/only paper Moon  VG++

KING COLE TRIO  Cap. 20010  Man I Love/Body & Soul  VG+

KING COLE TRIO Cap. 256  Route 66/Everyone Sayin Hello  VG++

KING COLE TRIO Cap. 20011  What Is Thing Called Love/prelude C Sharp  VG++

NAT COLE Cap. 1184  Orange Colored Sky/Jam-Bo  VG++

NAT COLE Cap. 311  Christmas Song/Cool of Evening  VG++

COLLINS & HARLAN/PEERLESS QT. Col. A1271  Casey Jones – on Robt., E. Lee/Whistling Jim  M-

COLLINS & HARLAN/COSTELLO 7 BURR Col. A1848  Back Home In Tenn/I’m All Alone  VG (light crack)

COLWELL BROS. Col. 21023  Bluebonnet Lane/Mtn. Valley Blues  VG+

PERRY COMO  RCA 206192  Tina Marie/Fooled  M- -

P.COMO RCA 205994  KoKoMo/You’ll Always Life. Sweetheart  VG++

P.COMO RCA 207202  Kewpie Doll Dance Only With Me  M- -

P.COMO RCA 205647  wanted/Look Out Window  VG++

P.COMO  vic. 201750  Dig You later/here Comes heaven Again (slt. Wrp. Nap)  M- -

CONCERT BAND Okeh 1002  Dance of Hours/Ballet Music “Coppelia  VG++

LAWRENCE COOK Abbey 15022  I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles/Yes We Have No Bananas  VG++

COOK & FLEMING “2 Licorice  Drops”/MILLER & LYLES – Charcoal Twins “Evolution”  Banner 2172  VG (scratches)

CORNET SOLO Harmony 5014 (mint lbl) Old Folks At Home/Carry Me Back Old VA.  M-

COUNT BASIE Col. 36946  Patience & Fortitude/Mad Boogie  VG+

CREW CUTS  Mer. 70597  Don't Be Angry/Chop Chop Boom   M ,  M- - 

CRITERION QT.  Bruns. 5030  Some Blessed Day/Sometime Somewhere  M- -

CRITERION QT. Bruns. 5009  Sweeter As Years Go By/memories of Galilee  VG+

BING CROSBY  Festival (Australia)  FS1030  Honeysuckle Rose/Swanee  M-

B.CROSBY/JUDY GARLAND  Dec. 23804  Connecticut/Mine  VG++ (little rim chip each side, not into grooves)

B.CROSBY/X.CUGAT Dec. 23413  U Belong To My heart/Baia  VG+

BOB CROSBY Ara 131  Shimmy Like sis. Kate/Same Old You  VG

CROWS  Rama RR5   Gee/I Love You So  VG

X.CUGAT Col. 36651  Chiu Chiu/Brazil  VG++ (couple very small rim chips – not into grooves)

X.CUGAT (album – Col. C98 4 recs)  X.C’s Mexico  M-

X.CUGAT Col. 37556  Miami Beach rhumba/Come To Mardi Gras  M-

X.CUGAT Col. 36852  Besame Mucho/Green Eyes  M-

X.CUGAT Col. 36385  Farandole/Spring Song  VG+

X.CUGAT Col. 36388  Tumbao/Gypsy Conga  VG+

X.CUGAT  Col. 38886  Mambo Jambo/One At A Time  M-

FRANK FLOORSHOW CULLEY Atl. 888  After Hour Session/Rumboogie Jive  M-

BILL DARNEL coral 60288  Cincinnati Dancing Pig/you Can’t Get to Heaven On Roller Skates  VG++

EDDIE DAVIS Apollo 767  Lover/Licks A Plenty  VG++

DOLLY DAWN Voc. 4682  I Promise You/Beethoven Wrote it But it Swings  M- -

DORIS DAY Col. C235 (4 rec.box.set - 1 rec. missing)  Lullaby of Broadway   VG++

DORIS DAY Col. 40704  Gotta Sing Away These Blues/Whatever Will Be…VG++

DE CASTRO SIS. Abbott 3001  Its Love/Teach Me Tonight  VG++/M- -

BIG JIM DE NOONE 4 Star 1646  Long Lost Girl/Wild Strings (light scratches this side) – other side VG++

DELTA RHY.BOYS RCA 20-2462  St. Louis Blues/Every Time We Say Goodbye  VG+ (tiny rim chip)

VARETTA DILLARD  Savoy 851  Here In My Heart/I'm Yours M- -

SUE DILLMAN TV Spotlight (Indianapolis) 12th St. Rag/Berlin Waltzes  VG+

VINCE DIMAGGIO ORCH. Rocket 1  El Relicario/Mandolin Polka (looks M- but is cracked)

DINNING SIS. Cap. 15184  San Antonio rose/Buttons & Bows  M-

DIXIE 4  Gospel 504  Take My Hand Precious Lord (1 ½” edge crack does click) otherwise VG++/M- -

DIXIE 4  Gospel 508   Beautiful isle of Somewhere  VG++

DIXIE RHYTHM  Quartet 2001  Slow Down Take Your Time/Just 1 Rose Will Do  VG (lbl. VG++)

FLOYD DIXON Cat 114  Is It True/Hey Bartender (2 inch crack) VG

BILL DOGGETT  King 4950 Honky Tonk Pt. 1/Pt. 2   VG,  VG (center hole chip)

FATS DOMINO  Reo (Can) 8095  My Blue Heaven/I'm In Love Again  VG+

F.DOMINO  Imp. 5231  Going To The River/Mardi Gras New Orleans  VG+

F.DOMINO Reo (Can) 8117  Honey Chile/Blueberry Hill  VG,  VG+

F.DOMINO Imp. 5262  Somes. Wrong/Don’t Leave Me This Way  VG (labels nice)

F.DOMINO Imp. 5375  Bo Weevil/Don’t Blame It On Me  VG+_+

F.DOMINO Imp. 5442  Valley of Tears/Its You I Love  VG+,   VG++

F.DOMINO Imp. 5407  Blue. Hill/Honey Chile  VG++,   M- - ,  M-

F.DOMINO Imp. 5386  My Blue Haven/I’m In Love Again  VG++


DON, DICK & JIMMY  Crown 125  Thats What I Like/Can't Have Your Cake..  VG++

TOMMY DORSEY  Decca 27211  Opus 2/ T.D.s boogie Woogie  VG  dj

RUSTY DRAPER  Mer. 70651  Seventeen/Can't Live w/o Them Anymore  VG

R.DRAPER  Mer. 70167  Free Home Demonstration/Gamblers Guitar  VG++

R.DRAPER Mer. 70446  Musk. Ramble/Magic Circle  M-

DETROITERS  Spec.827  Old Time Religion/Mother.Need Prayer  VG+

VLAD. DUBINSKY Okeh 1037  Air De J.S. Bach/larghetto  VG+/VG++

FRANK DUKE mart 1002  Web Of Lies/they Made me Fall In Love  VG+

BILLY ECKSTINE MGM 10799  Be My Love/Only A Moment Ago

 M- -

TOMMY EDWARDS MGM 10989  Morning Side of Mtn./F’r. Instance  M-

N.EDDY Vic. 4280  I'm Fall.In Love w/Some./Tramp Tramp.. VG+

N.EDDY Victor D-16 (demo) A Dream/(Richard Crooks) Oh Susanna  VG+,  VG++

N.EDDY/RISE STEVENS  Col. (3 rec.set)  MM724  Student Prince (w/album)  M-


TOMMY EDWARDS  MGM 11035 Its All In The Game/All Over Again VG

ROY ELDRIDGE  Dec. 23532  Ain’t That A Shame/All The Cats Join In  VG++

JACK EMERSON  metrotone 2018  The Moonrise Song/Hair Of Gold – from Col. Film “Singin Spurs”  VG slt. Wrp. – nap, label M-

EVERY-READY SINGERS Cap. 2763  I’m A Pilgrim 7 A Singer/One Day When I Was Walking  M-  dj

SYBIL ANDERSON FAGAN Col. A2919  Alice Where Art Thou/Song w/o Words  VG+

PERCY FAITH Col. 39664  Carefree/Invitation  VG  dj

GRACIE FIELDS  Lon. 115  Lords Prayer/Bless This House  VG++

FIESTA 4  Emerald 101  To Each His Own/Why Take A Chance  VG++

EDDIE FISHER  RCA 205871  Fanny/Count Your Blessings  VG+,  M- -

E.FISHER RCA 206337  Dungaree Doll/Every. Got Home But Me  M- - 

ED.FISHER RCa 205830  Heaven Was never Like This/I need you now  M- -

E.FISHER RCA 205293  I’m Walking Behind U/Just Another Polka  M- -

FREDDY FISHER/SCHNICKELFRITZ BAND King 15002  Schnickelbop/We’ll have Soup  M- - (slt wrp – nap)

5 ROYALES Apollo 448  Too Much Lovin/Laundromat Blues  VG+

JAY C. FLIPPEN  Bruns. 4051  Ace In The Hole/I'm A Ding Dong Daddy  VG++

PAT FLOWERS RCA 20298  Save bones for Henry Jones/Googie Woogie  VG++

FONTAINE SIS. Dot 15265  Bless Your Heart VG/Hearts of Stone  M-(2)

ED.FONTAINE  X0128  Rollin' Stone/I'm Through Chasing After You  M- -

TENN.E.FORD Cap. 2602  Catfish Boogie/Kiss Me Big  M- -

JIMMY FOREST  United 110  Bolo Blues/Night Train  VG+

4 ACES  Merion 104  Wanted/Too Much In Love M- -(2)

4 ACES Victoria 101  Sin/Arizona Moon  VG++ dj,    VG (red vinyl) dj,   M- -  dj

4 ACES  Flash 103  2 Little Kisses/Whose To Blame  VG++,   M- - (2)

4 ACES Paramount 102  joints A Jumpin/So Long  VG++ $6

4 ACES (instru.group) Tilon 143  I Wonder..Pt. 1/Pt. 2  VG++

4 ACES  Dec. 28744  Don't Forget Me/False Love  VG++

4 ACES Merion 104  Too Much In Love/Wanted  M- - dj

4 CHORDS QT. Royale 8065  How Beautiful Heaven Must Be/Just Closer Walk w/Thee  M- -

4 CLEFS Bluebird 11492  Take It 7 Git/you’re My Secret Desire  m- -

4 KNIGHTS   Dec. 48018  He'll Under. & Say Well Done/Lead Me To That Rock  VG++ (2)

4 KNIGHTS Cap. 2654  Couldn’t Stay Away From You/Get So Lonely  VG++

4 KNIGHTS Dec. 14524  He’ll Understand – Say well Done/lead me That Rock  VG++

4 LADS  Col. 40736  House w/Love In It/Bus Stop Song  M- -

4 TUNES Manor 1077  Where Is My Love/Is It Too Late (tag on lbl) VG++

4 TUNES Quality (Can) 1208  My Wild Irish Rose/Do Do Do..It Again  M- -

4 TUNES RCA 204305  Early In The Morning/My Buddy  M-

4 TUNES Jubilee 5128 Marie/I Gambled w/Love  M- - dj

4 TUNES  Jub. 5152  Lonesome/Grst. Feeling In World  M-

4 TUNES  Manor 1093  I Understand/Is It Too Late  M- -

CONNIE FRANCIS MGM (Can) 12738  My Happiness/Never Before  VG+

STAN FREBERG Cap. 1711  I’ve Got You Under My Skin/That’s My Boy  M- -

FRANKIE FROBA Dec. 27142  Snooky Ookums/At Sundown  M- - /VG++

SLIM GAILLARD BelTone 762  Chicken Rhythm/Mean Pretty Mama  VG++ (sm.rim chip)

PVT. CECIL GANT  Gilt Edge 507  Cecil Knows Better Now/You’re Going To Cry  VG++

JUDY GARLAND, DEANNA DURBIN, KENNY BAKER  Dec. Album 488 (2 recs. by Baker, 1 by Garland, 1 by Dubin MISSING) Christmastime   M- -

ERROL GARNER 3 Deuces 505  Through Long & Sleepless Night/What This Thing Called Love  VG

*E. GARNER Savoy 757  Confessin/Stormy Weather  VG+

PAUL GAYTEN  Argo 8459  Nervous Boogie/Flatfoot Sam  VG

ART GENTRY & JANIE FORD  Hi Tone (green vinyl) 291  If We Could Be Alone/flip is BERNIE LEIGHTON  Bewitched   VG++

STAN GETZ TENOR SAX STARS  New jazz 802  4 + 1 Moore/5 Bros.  M-

GIANTS OF JAZZ (3 rec  album) music from movie ‘A Song Is Born” Cap. CC106  w/Dorsey, Armstrong, Barnet, Goodman, M. Powell  VG++

PATRICIA GILMORE  Bluebird 11075  I’ve Got To Get Hot/Give Me Time  M- - 

JACKIE GLEASON ORCH. Cap. 2515  White House Serenade/Presidents Lady  VG++  dj

GLOBETROTTERS Col. 12231  Playtime/Alarm Clock Polka  VG+

ARTHUR GODFREY Col. MJV88  Twas night Before Christmas/Jingle Bells  VG

A.GODFREY Col. 39487  What Is A Girl/What Is a boy  M- -/VG++

A.GODFREY Col. 3824  Trail Lonesome Pine/Turkish Delight  M- -

LOU GOLD/PERLEY STEVENS Velvet Tone 1770V  you’re Cream In My Coffee/Jane  VG+ (small edge chip not into grooves)

GOLD MEDAL 4  Champion 15309  (nice lbl) Loves Old Sweet Song/Memories  M-

BILLY GOLDEN/GOLDEN &HUGHES Col. A1291  Turkey In Straw/Whistling Pete  VG++

GOLDEN GATE QT.  Okeh 6712  Stalin Wasn’t Stallin/Dip Your Fingers In The Water  VG

GOLDEN GATE QT. Victor 27324 John The Revelator/Sampson  VG++

GOLD.GATE QT. 6713  Run On (couple scratches)/Comin In On Wing & Prayer  (VG++)

BENNY GOODMAN Col. 36594  Wang Wang Blues/Way You Look Tonight  VG++

B.GOODMAN (Col. – album C113, 4 recs)  Sextet Session  M-

B.GOODMAN  Col. G42 Slipped disc/Liza  VG+  dj

MAX GORDON TRIO Rondo 204  Wild Honey/You’re Too Dangerous Cherie  M-

EYDIE GORME  Coral 61036  I Danced w/My Darling/I've Forgotten  M-  dj

GOSPEL SINGERS Velvet Tone 1089  Almost Persuaded/Kings Business  VG

CHARLIE GRACIE  Sparton (Can) 384R   99 Ways/Butterfly  M- -

C.GRACIE Cameo 105  Butterfly/99 Ways  VG++

KATHRYN GRAYSON  MGM 30133  Love Is Where You Find It/Whats Wrong w/Me  M- -

BUDDY GRECO/SHARPS  Musicraft 548  Keep Me In Mind/Scratch My Back  M- - 

GREEN BROS. NOVELTY BAND Okeh 4467  Monastery Bells/When Francis Dances w/Me  VG++/M- -

SONNY GREER  Col. 18680  Sat. Night Function/Beggars Blues  VG++

GRIFFIN BROS. ORCH Dot 1060  Hoppin/Tra La La  VG+

LYLE GRIFFIN  Atomic 202  Strictly For Kicks/Wolf Song  M-  (3)

JOHNNY GUARNIERI Savoy 555  Firebird/Hangover  VG

BILL HALEY Dec. 29124  Rock Around clock/13 Women  vg++ (Rock Around..dull finish)

B.HALEY Dec. 29791  See you Later Alligator/Paper Boy  VG++

PAUL HARDY Actuelle 20669  Safe In Arms Jesus/90 & 9  M-

HARLEM HAMFATS  Dec. 7382  Tempo De bucket/you Got Devil To Pay  VG++

GEO.HAMILTON IV  ABC 9765  A Rose & A Baby Ruth/If You Don't Know  VG

LIONEL HAMPTON Dec. 18830  Hamp’s Salty blues/chord a Re Bop  VG

HAPPY JESTERS  Abbott 3025  Heart Of My Heart/Just Because  M- -

HARMONEERS QT.  RCA 202291   There Is A Chance/Sweetest Song I Know  M-

HARMONICATS  Mer. 5461  Harbor Lights/At Sundown  VG++

TONI HARPER  Col. 38229  Dollys Lullaby/Candy Store Blues  M-  

P.HARRIS RCa 202535  some Little Bug../Ding Dong Daddy From Dumas  M-

P.HARRIS RCA 203968  The Thing/Goofus  VG++

WYNONIE HARRIS  Quality (Can) 4047  Bloodshot Eyes/Confessin The Blues  VG+

W.HARRIS  king 4389  Be Mine My Love/Rock Mr Blues  VG++  (tag on lbl)

W.HARRIS Quality (Can) 4190  Rot Gut/Greyhound  VG++

WILBERT HARRISON Quality (Can) 1307   Ways Of A Woman/Don't Drop It  M- -

JAMES HARROD & REED MILLER/BILLY BURTON & JAMES HALL Col. A2193 Beautiful Bird sing On/Down Lilly Land..  M-

HAMP HAWES (BOPERA)/WILD BILL MOORE (unfinished Bopera)  Bop 110  M-

COLE HAWKINS Keynote 611  Flamethrower/Night & Day  VG++

ERSKINE HAWKINS King 4522  Down Home Jump/lost Time  M- - 

LINDA HAYES/RED CALLENDER  Hollywood 244  Yes I Know/Que Martyn-Sister Anne  VG+

BRUCE HAYES Miltone 1178  You Call Everybody Darlin/Lonesome For Someone  VG++

SHERMAN HAYES Aristocrat 676  Better To Love You/Don’t learn That In School  M- -

DICK HAYMES  Dec. 24801  Old Master Painter/Why Was I Born  VG++


JIMMY SPELLMAN  Viv 8-1004/05  No Escape/Lover Man  M

J.SPELLMAN  Viv 1000  Give Me Some Of Yours/No Need To Cry Anymore  M

J.SPELLMAN Viv 1002  It’s You You You/That’s All I need  M

LOY CLINGMAN Viv 2000  uranium Blues/Time Wounds All heels  M

HORACE HEIDT  Col. 35290  Piggy Wiggy Woo/2 hearts Better Than 1  M-

BOBBY HELMS Dec. (Can) 30194  Fraulein/Heartsick Feeling  VG+

WOODY HERMAN Col. 37162  Romance In The Dark/Uncle Remus Said  VG+

W.HERMAN mars 100  Terrissita/Blues In Advance  Vg/VG+  dj

W.HERMAN Col. 38213  Keen & Peachy/I’ve Got News For You  VG++

HI FLYERS  Okeh 06396  Juke Box Jump/Mable Ain't Able  VG++

AL HIBBLER Dec. 29441  Unchained Melody/Daybreak  M- -

TINY HILL Mer. 6087  I'm My Own Grandpaw/Eyes of Texas  M- -

T.HILL Mer. 6001  He’s Coming Home To Stay/Angry  VG+

T.HILL Mer. 70029  5 Foot 2/Move It On Over  VG++

T.HILL  Okeh 5875  Wish Could Shimmy Like Sis.Kate/Show Me Way To Go Home  M- -

HILLTOPPERS Dot 15085  Rather Die Young/P S I Love You  VG++,   VG++ (tiny rim chip)

HILLTOPPERS Dot 15201  Sweetheart/The Old Cabaret  VG

HILLTOPPERS Dot 15249  You Try Somebody Else/Time Waits For No One  VG

HILLTOPPERS Dot 15220  Bettina/If I Didn't Care  VG wol, dj

EARL HINES  Col. 35875 (C41)  Ain’t Got Nobody/57 Varieties  VG+

LENA HORNE MGM 30171  Lady is A Tramp/Where Or When  VG++/M- - 

HAL HORTON Sonora 7022  In The Hills/Dreamy Rio Grande  M-

JOHNNY HORTON Mer. 70198  You You You/Red Lips & WarmRed Wine  VG++

HOOSIER HOTSHOTS melotone 13279  Whistlin Joe From Kokomo/4000  Years Ago  M-

HOOSIER HOTSHOTS Perfect 6-09-51  Where You Going Honey/is it True Whatthey Say About Dixie  VG++

HOOSIER HOTSHOTS  Dec. 4442  She Broke My Heart 3 Places/Don’t Change Horses  VG++

CAMILLE HOWARD  Spec. 325  The Mood I'm In/Instantaneous Boogie  VGC.HOWARD specialty 359  Maybe It’s Best After All/Ferocious Boogie  VG++

BETTY HUTTON Cap. 211  What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes  @ Me For/Doin’ It The Hard Way  VG+

B.HUTTON Cap. 155  His rock. Horse Ran Away/It Had To Be You  VG++

B.HUTTON Cap. 211  Doin It hard Way/Wjhat do You Want….(1 inch scratch clicks)  VG

IVORY JOE HUNTER  MGM 10578  I Almost Lost My Mind/If I Give you My Love  VG++

ROY HOGSED Cap. 2083  Stretchin A Point Or 2/Put Some Sugar In Your Shoes  VG dj

FERLIN HUSKY  Cap. (Can) Gone/Missing Persons  VG++

F.HUSKY  Cap. 3628  Gone/Missing Persons  M- -

HUTCHENS BROS.  Champion 15412  He keeps Me Singing/Waling on Streets of Glory  VG+

IMPERIAL DANCE ORCH Regal 9618  marcheta/Colorado  M-

RED INGLE  Cap. 15210 Serutan Yob/Oh Nick O Deemo  VG+

INTN'L. DANCE ORCH. Radiex 1233  Golden Moon/WHITE WAY ORCH.  Dreamer of Dreams  VG

BURL IVES  Stinson (3 rec. album) Wayfaring Stranger  M- - (jkt. VG++)

B.IVES Col. (4 rec. set) C-186  with jacket.  Return of Wayfaring Stranger  M-

JACKS RPM 428  Smack Dab In Middle/Why Don’t You Write Me  M- -

BULL MOOSE JACKSON  King 4335  Not Until You Came My Way/Must You Go  VG+

CHUBBY JACKSON new Jazz 825  I May Be Wrong/flying The Coop  M-

ILLINOIS JACQUET mer. 89021  Cool Rage/lean Baby  M- -

KENNY JAGGER  Gold Seal 3508  Beer Barrel Polka/Friendly Tavern Polka VG++ (slt. Wrp. – nap)

JONI JAMES MGM 11333  Why Don't You Believe Me/Purple Shades  VG-,  M-

J.JAMES MGM 11696  Am I In Love/Maybe Next Time  VG++

JONI JAMES MGM 11426  Your Cheatin Heart/I'll Be Waiting For You  VG+

J.JAMES MGM 11390  Wishing Ring/Have You Heard  VG+

J.JAMES MGM 11543  You’re Fooling someone/My Love My Love  M-

SONNY JAMES Cap. (Can) 3602  Young Love/You're The Reason.. VG++

(JAPANESE) King 791  (girls pic. on lbl) Come On-A MyHouse/Tenn. Waltz  M- -

JERRY & ZELDA Blue Star 25-25  Have I Told You Lately That I Love You/Smiles Are made Out of Sunshine  VG++

JESTERS  Dec. 4452  Bell Bottom Trousers/Bunion Brigadiers  VG++

ELLA JOHNSON Mer. 70459  It Used To Hur Me/Well Do It  VG++

JOSHUA JOHNSON Cap. 1396  Days/Ramblin Woman  M-

MARVIN JOHNSON Cap. 15407  Hey lawdy mama/Amnesia  M-

PETE JOHNSON/AL.AMMONS  RCA P69 (4 rec.album)  "8 To The Bar"  ALBUM ONLY NO RECS.   VG

ADA JONES 7 BILLY MURRAY/PEERLESS QT. Victor 17667  Mississippi Grand Old Girl/Pull For Shore  VG+

BILLY JONES Vocalion 14556  Barney Google/I Love Me  VG

LUKE JONES  Atlas 122  jump The Boogie/Shufflin Boogie  VG+

L.JONES Atlas 143  Boogieology/Say Hello To Miss Brown  VG+

SPIKE JONES RCA 919  I Kiss Your Hand/I'm Getting Sentimental Over You  VG++  dj

S.JONES RCA 203741  Chinese Mule Train/Riders in Sky  VG++

S.JONES RCA 202861 Will. Tell Overture/man on Flying Trapeze (1/2” scratch, clicks)  VG+

S.JONES RCA 203177  All I Want For Christmas/Happy New Year  M- -

S.JONES  RCA 201895  That Old Black Magic/Liebestraum  M- -

S.JONES  RCA 204209  Too Young/So Help Me  M- -

S.JONES  RCA 204669  Stop Your Gamblin/Theres Blue Sky Way Out Yonder  M- -

LOUIS JORDAN Dec. 23610  Chicks Too Young To Fry/Choo Choo Ch Boogie M-  ,  VG+,  VG++

L.JORDAN  Dec. 8668  You Can’t Get That No More/Mop Mop  VG++

L.JORDAN Dec. 24448  Run Joe/All For Love of Lil  VG++

BILLY JUSTIS  Quality (Can) 1674  Raunchy/Midnight Man  VG++

KITTY KALLEN Mer. 5417  Juke Box Annie/Choo’n Gum  VG++

WEISS BAUERN KAPELLE   Col. 5042F  Herzpinkerl Polka/Hopsasa Polka  VG+

THEO KARLE Bruns. 13028  Hear A thrush At Eve/Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming  M-

IRVING KAUFMAN Diva 2742G  Sonny boy/Ducky Stevedore  VG+ (edge surface crack 1 side)

DANNY KAYE  Dec. 28379  Wonderful Copenhagen/anywhere I Wander  M-

KINGSTON TRIO Cap. 4049 (Canada)  Tom Dooley  M- -,  VG++

FRED KIRBY Sonora  I've Been A Fool Too Often/My War Torn Heart  M-

EARTHA KITT RCA 205610  Someone Bad Stole../Lovin Spree  VG++

E.KITT RCA 205358  c’EST Si Bon/African lullaby  VG++

CHRISTINE KITTRELL Republic 7026  Gotta Stop Loving You/Slave to Love  VG++

MARIE KNIGHT Dec. 48198  Heard My Mother Pray/Don't Miss That Train  VG

M.KNIGHT Dec. 48120  I Thank You Jesus/I Must Have Jesus All The Way  VG++

M.KNIGHT Dec. 48308  God Spoke To Me/Calvary  VG+

GENE KRUPA  Col. 37158  There Is No Breeze/Aren’t You Kind of Glad  VG++ (2)

G.KURPA mer. 89057  Paradise/Coronation Hop  M-

G.KURPA Okeh 5814  You’re Breaking Heart all Over Again/Moon Over Burma 9chip in edge 1 side – not into grooves)  VG+

G.KRUPA Col. 36986  Boogie Blues/Lover  VG++

G.KURPA col. 36726  Side by Side/bolero At Savoy  VG+

KAY KYSER Col. 38197  Woody Woodpecker/When Veronica Plays Harmonica  VG++ (1” long  edge chip, 1/16” wide)

FRANKIE LAINE Col. 39770  High Noon/Rock of Gibraltar  VG+

F.LAINE (Australia) Philips 21009  Your Cheatin’ Heart/I Believe (small tear on label)  VG++

F.LAINE Premium 1001  Not To Be Resold” You Are Too Beaut./Out of nowhere (has record store tag on lbl) (“Frankie laine” in script top of lbl)  VG++

F.LAINE Col. 39367  Jezebel/rose Rose I Love You  M- -

F.LAINE Col. 39938  I Believe/Your cheatin heart  M- -

GEO.LAMBERT/HARRY ELLIS Okeh 1112  Dearl Old Pal of Mine/gonna Pin Medal On Girl left Behind  VG++

JULIUS LA ROSA Cad. 1240  3 Coins In Fountain/Me Gotta Have You  VG++

J.LA ROSA Cad. 1231  My Lady Loves To Dance/Let’s Make Up Before Say Goodnight  VG++

STEVE LAWRENCE King 1325  Liebchen/I Need  M- - dj,  VG++  dj

S.LAWRENCE King 1253  You Can't Hold Memory../King For A Day  VG++  dj

S.LAWRENCE  King 15218 (Steve's bio. on label)  if Not For You/Tomorrow  VG++

S.LAWRENCE  King 15199  Sudden Fear/Always Love Me

(Steves bio. on lbl)  M- - dj

LAZY LARRY Cameo 8296  Hallelujah  I’m A bum/Bum Song  M- -,  VG++

JULIA LEE Cap. 40082  When You’re Smiling/King Size Papa  VG++ (2)

J.LEE Cap. 1896  Charmaine/Out In cold Again  VG++

J.LEE Cap. 340  Oh Marie/On My Way Out  VG++

PEGGY LEE Dec. 28631  Sorry Baby U Let My Love../who’s Gonna Pay Check  M-  dj

JACK LEONARD Okeh 5750  One Look at You/Only Forever  VG++

LE ROY’S DALLAS BAND Col. 14402  Tampa Shout/going Away Blues  VG+ (crack under surface 1 side)

 JERRY LEWIS Cap. 2202  Keep Her Pic. Hanging Upside Down/They Go Wild Simply Wild Over Me  M-  dj

J.LEWIS Cap. 2141  I Can’t Carry A Tune/Crazy words Crazy Tune  M- - dj

M.LUX LEWIS/PETE JOHNSON/AL.AMMONS  Col. 35960  Boogie Woogie Prayer/same  VG++

M.LUX LEWIS  Col. 35961  Bear Cat Crawl/AL.AMMONS  Shout For Joy  M-

S.LEWIS Imp. 5234  Play Girl/Big Mamou  M-

LIBERACE  Col. RHCO 10175/10120  Carioca/Malaguena  M- - dj

LIBERACE Col. 48008  Oh Promise Me/I Love You Truly  M- - dj

JOE N LIGGINS  Spec. 413  Oh How I Miss You/So Alone  VG

LIGHT CRUST DOUGHBOYS voc. 04216  birth Of Blues/Waiting For Robert E. Lee  VG+

BEATRICE LILLIE, 30 MINUTES WITH.. Lib. Music Shops #249 - #252 (4 rec. set. Nice!)  M- -

B.LILLIE Lib. Music Shops L189  Mother Told Me So/Paree  M- -

LITTLE ESTHER Federal 12065  Better Beware/I’ll Be There  VG++LITTLE RICHARD Spec.  Ready Teddy/Rip It Up  VG

LIT.WILLIE LITTLEFIELD modern 20-801  Once Was Lucky/(w/Lit.Lora Wiggins) I’ve Been Lost  One Night  VG+

DR. HASKELL B. LONDON Montgomery – Moore (Elkhart, IN) Won’t Have To Cross Jordan Alone/Why I Believe In the Sunday School  M-

LOUIE & OLD TIME BAND Imp. 1056  Over The Waves/The Harmony  M-

PRESTON LOVE Federal 12069  Wango Blues/Sept. Song  VG+/VG++

JIMMY LUNCEFORD Dec. 28441  Blues In the Night Pt. 1/Pt. 2  ¼” scratch otherwise M- -

JOE LUTCHER Cap. 40052  Strato-Cruiser/Sunday Blues  VG++

NELLIE LUTCHER  Cap. 40017  He's Real Gone Guy/Let me Love You Tonight  VG+

N.LUTCHER Cap. 1789  Birth of The Blues/I Want To Be near You  VG+ (rim chip little into grooves)

FRANKIE LYMON Gee 1012  I Want You To Be My Girl/I'm Not A Know it All  VG++

F.LYMON Gee 1002  Why do Fools Fall In Love/please Be Mine  VG++

RICH.MALTBY  X” 0135  High Tide Boogie/Jumpin Trumpet VG++ (but 1” X 1 ½” scuffed area 1 side)

R.MALTBY “X” 0177  Walkie Talkie/4 or 5 Times  VG++

LU MANTIS TU TONES/MARIO LOZER  Aristocrat 506  I Still Get A Thrill/Tico Tico  VG+

HARRY MACDONOUGH  Victor 35089   M-

WINGY MANONE Rex 23005  Tin roof Blues/if I Could Be w/You 1 Hour Tonight  M-

MAPLE CITY 4 (album – Mer. A23   3 recs) Gaslight Ballads  M- -

MARLIN SIS. Col. 8265  Wonder. Boy of Mine/Wedding Samba  VG  dj

BOBBY MARSHALL  Abbey 3019 Are You Lonesome Tonight/I Shouldn't Love You  VG++

DEAN MARTIN Cap. (Can) 376  I’ll Always Love You/Baby Obey Me   M- -

D.MARTIN Cap. 1342  Love The Way You Say Goodnight/If  VG++

See dino list for more

AL MARTINO BBS 101  I Cried Myself To Sleep/Here In My Heart (rec. looks M, but it is cracked from edge to center)

CURT MASSEY  Col. 36782  Yo’ve Got me Where U Want Me/Candy  VG++

ANNETTE MAY/BRO. JOE MAY Specialty 888  Consider me/Going Home  VG++

PERCY MAYFIELD Chess 1599  Are You Out There/Double Dealing  VG++

JOE MC CORMACK Victrola 64796  (1 sided) My Irish Song of Songs  M- -

JOHN MC CORMACK Victrola 64434 (1 sided)  A Dream

J.MC CORMACK Victrola 64785  (1 sided) Dear Old Pal of Mine  M- -

CLYDE MC COY Voc. 2847  Sugar Blues/Tear It down  M- -

C.MC COY Cap. 1937 Sugar Blues Boogie/I Just Love Affection  VG+

FIBBER MC GEE & MOLLY Cap. CC3050 (3 rec. album) On The Night Before Christmas  VG

MC GUIRE SIS. Coral (Can) 61924  Sugartime/Banana Split  M- - (chip)

MC GUIRE SIS. Coral (Can) 61323  Sincerely/No More  M- -

MC GUIRE SIS. Coral 61323  Sincerely/No More  M-

MC GUIRE SIS. Coral 61501  He/If You Believe  VG++

HAL MC INTYRE cosmo 494  Mable mable/This Is The Night  VG++

OSCAR MC LOLLIE  Modern 970  Roll Hot Rod Roll/Convicted  VG

BIG JAY MC NEELY Federal 12168  Mule Milk/Ice Water  VG_ (rim chip 1 side, not into grooves)  dj

CLYDE MC PHATTER Atl. 1081  7 Days/Not worthy of you  VG

MERRY MACS Dec. 18498  Praise Lord Pass Ammo./Tweedle O’Twill  VG++

CALIFORNIA MELODY SYNCOPATORS Clover 1725  How May Times/Why Do you Want to Know Why  VG+  (rim chip 1 side –nap, lbl. Is M-)

MEYER & GILLETTE/CROXTON QT. Okeh 1018  Beautiful Isle of Somewhere/Sweet & Low  VG++

ANNA MEYERS & ORIG. MEMPHIS 5  Pathe 020877  Evil Minded Blues/last Go Round Blues  VG

AMOS MILBURN Aladdin 3197  1 Scotch,1 Bourbon, 1 Beer/What Can I Do  VG+

A.MILBURN  Aladdin 3164  3 times a fool/Let me go Home Whiskey  VG++

LUCKY MILLINDER King 4453  I'm Wait. Just For You/ Bongo Boogie (2" crack)  VG

L.MILLINDER King 4534  Ram Bunk Shush/Loaded w/Love  VG

ROY MILTON Spec. 429  Thelma Lou/So Tired  VG+

R.MILTON  Spec. 349  Inform. Blues/My Sweetheart  VG-

R.MILTON  Spec. XSP480  I Stood By/Baby, You Don't Know  VG

SAL MINEO  Epic 9216  Love Affair/Start Movin  VG+

GUY MITCHELL Col. 39067  Roving Kind/My Heart Cries For You VG++

G.MITCHELL Col. 39512  Sweetheart of Yesterday/Belle Belle..  VG++

G.MITCHELL Col. 39639  Wimmin/We Won't Live In A Castle  M- -

G.MITCHELL Col. 40820  Knee Deep In Blues/Take Me Back Baby

 M- - (2)

G.MITCHELL Col. 40672  Green Grows The Grass/Solo  M- - (sm. rim chip)

G.MITCHELL/MINDY CARSON 39992  There's Nothing As Sweet As My Baby/Tell Us Where The Good Times Are  M- -  dj

G.MITCHELL/DORIS DAY  39714  Gently Johnny/A Lit. Kiss Goodnight  M- - dj

G.MITCHELL  39886  Don't Rob Another Man's Castle//Why Should I Go Home  M- - dj

G.MITCHELL Col. 39415  Who knows Love/My Truly…  M- -,  M-

G.MITCHELL Col. 39909  She Wears Red Feathers/pretty Little black-Eyed Susie  M-

G.MITCHELL Col. 39663  Pittsburgh PA/doll w/Sawdust Heart  M-

LOU MONTE  RCA 20-5611  Dark. Strutters Ball/I Know How You Feel  M-

LEE MONTIS TU TONES Aristocrat 501  Mickey/My little Girl M- (small tag tear lbl 1 side)

*JAMES MOODY Prestige 703  I’m In Mood For Love/The Flight  VG/VG+

J.MOODY Roost 545  More Than You Know/Deep Purple  VG/VG+

MERRILL MOORE Cap. 2796  Fly right Boogie/Nola  M  dj, 1 lbl. Moisture damage)

MORAN & MACK  Col. 10940  2 Black Crows Pt. 4/Pt. 3   VG+, VG++ (very light crack 1 side)

MORAN & MACK Col. 935  2 Black Crows  Pt. 1 & Pt. 2  M-,  VG++ (very small edge chip 1 side),  VG++

DOUG MORROW ENSEMBLE/JOE LOSS  RCA 20 2965  My Happiness/A Tree In The Meadow  VG+

ELLA MAE MORSE  Cap. 1922  Love Me Or Leave Me/Blacksmith Blues  VG++

E.M.MORSE Cap. 163  Patty Cake Man/Invitation To The Blues  VG+

MULCAYS Essex 400  Harbor Lights/Dipsy Doodle  VG

MOON MULLICAN King 1006  Piano Breakdown/Memphis Blues  VG+

M.MULLICAN King  Foggy river/Worries On My Mind  VG++

J.MURAD’S HARMONICATS  Universal 851  My Gal Sal/I Love You  VG++ (slt. wrp –nap)bb

EDDIE NELSON/GREEK EVANS Emerson 1012  I’ll Say She does/As You Were  VG++

CHUBBY NEWSOME Regal 3250  hard Lovin Mama/I’m Still In Love For you  VG+

ANITA O’DAY mer. 8967  Rock N’Roll Blues/Lover Come Back to me  VG+

ORIG. GOSPEL HARMONETTES Spec. 833  One Morn. Soon/Every Day Will Be Sunday  VG+

ORIG. MEMPHIS 5  victor 20039  Tampeckoe/Static Street  VG/VG-

ORIOLES  Jubilee 5005  Tell Me So/Deacon Jones  VG

ORIOLES  Natural 5000  Barbra Lee/Its Too Soon To Know  VG+ (tag on lbl)

JOHNNY OTIS QUINT. Regent 1016  Cry Baby/I'm Not Falling..  M- -

J.OTIS  UA 156  Harlem Nocturne/Ultra Violet   M-

J.OTIS Savoy 764  Wedding Boogie/Far Away Blues  VG (lots of little scratches)

REG.OWEN Jub. 5005  Manhatten Spiritual/Ritual Blues  M- -

PATTI PAGE Mer. 70302  Cross Over The Bridge/Johnny Guitar VG++

PATIENCE & PRUDENCE  Lon. 292  Tonight You Belong To Me/(Prudence) Lonile & Ribbon  M- -

PAT. & PRUD. Lon. 318  Money Tree/Gonna Get Along..  M-

PAT. & PRUD. Lib. 55040  The Money Tree/Gonna Get Alon..  VG+

PAT. & PRUD. Lib. 55022  Tonight U Belong To Me/Smile & Ribbon  VG++

LES PAUL Cap. 1316  Lit. Rock Getaway/Tenn. Waltz  VG++ (2)

L.PAUL/M.FORD Cap. 2080 I’m Confessin/(Les only) Carioca  VG++  dj

L.PAUL Cap. 1592  Josephine/Wish had never Seen Sunshine  VG  dj, 

 tag tear

L.PAUL Cap. 1088  Cryin/Dry My Tears  VG++

PEARL TRIO Pearl 59  Why You No Knock/Never Leave Her Behind Again  VG++,   * VG+

PEARL TRIO Pearl 72  2 Sweet Lips/Buster Astor  VG+

PEARL TRIO Pearl 56  Gertie Glyn/Automobile Song (3” deep scratch this side)  VG

PEARL TRIO Pearl 68  Fuller Brush Man/Rubbin On Darn Ole Thing  VG+

PEARL TRIO Pearl 50 Roll Me Over/Freckle Song  VG++

GERHARD PECHNER Col. 5357F  Wer Das Scheiden…/Friendenslied  VG++

PEERLESS QT. Col. A2473  Liberty Bell/Do Something  VG++

PEERLESS QT. Col. A2810  When I’m gone You’ll Soon Forget/I Love You Just Same Sweet Adeline  VG+

PEERLESS QT. Victor 19029  Where Silvery colo. Winds its Way/Where Sunset Turns Oceans Blue To Gold  VG++

PEERLESS QT. Col. A1925  Ghost Of Terrible Blues/Oh Oh He’s Breaking My Heart  VG+

ROSA & CARMELA PENSELLE  Col. 78845 Barcarolle (one sided rec) VG++

GEN.JOHN J.PERSHING (flip is James W. Gerard) Nations Forum from Battlefields of France "Pershing" signature etched in record!  VG++

OSCAR PETERSON Clef 89079  Soph. Lady/Cottontail  VG+

FLIP PHILLIPS QT. mer. 8920  Feelin The Blues/Flips Boogie  VG+/VG++

TEDDY PHILLIPS Lon. 524  Charley My boy/Are You Kissin  M- -

PIANO RED  RCA 220099 Reds Boogie/Rockin w/Red VG+,   VG++ (2)

PIANO SOLO  Firestone Air Chief Philharmonic FR28  Someone To Watch Over Me/Lover Come Back To Me  M- -

PILGRIM TRAVELERS Spec. 363  Dear Lord Look Down Upon Me/God Shall Wipe Away All Tears  VG++

PLATTERS Mer. 70893  Heaven On Earth/My Prayer  VG+

PLATTERS Mer. 70753  Great Pretender/I'm Just Dancing Partner  VG++,

M- -

PLATTERS Mer. 70819  Magic Touch/Winner Take All  VG+

JOHN SCHOOLBOY PORTER  Chance 1104  Nevertheless/Walk Heavy  VG

STEVE PORTER/BYRON HARLAN Grey Gull 4230  Uncle Si & hiram Swap Horses/Uncle Si @ Barber Shop (light crack, otherwise M- - )

PREZ PRADO RCa 205965  Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom Time/Rhythm Sticks  VG++

ELVIS (Canada) 20-6604  Hound Dog/Don't be Cruel VG

ELVIS RCA 20-6643 Anyway You Want Me/Love Me Tender (sm. chip center hole, sm. chip affects start of Anyway..) Other than 2 chips rec. is VG++,  VG(has 3 sm.rim chips extreme outside edge)

ELVIS RCA 206420  Heartbreak Hotel/I Was The One  VG (1" x 2" half circle, taped into place-rec. playable)

ELVIS  RCA 20 6643 Love Me Tender/Any.You Want Me (very sm.chip in rim)  VG+

TERRY PRESTON Cap. 2298  Gone/Now & Then  M-   dj

LOUIS PRIMA Maj. 7177  The Gypsy/Baby Won't You Please Come Home (cracked- but barely detectable) rec. looks M-

L.PRIMA  Maj. 7154  White Cliffs Dover/Felicia No Capicia  VG++

L.PRIMA Maj. 7172  Where Did You Learn To Love/Gimme A Little Kiss M-

L.PRIMA  Maj. 1029  Brooklyn Boogie/You Won't Be Satisfied  VG++

L.PRIMA  Presto (test pressing??) pencil labels.  Blue Skies/Swamp Melody Man  1 side M, other also except 2 “wrinkles”

SERGEI RACHMANINOFF  Victrola 64919  (1 sided) Le Concou  M- -

RAMBLER TRIO (Arthur Smith) Super Disc 1004  Guitar Boogie/Beaty Steel Blues  VG++

TEDDY RANDAZZO  Vik X0277  Next Stop Paradise/How Could You Know

M- - 

RAVENS Nat’l.  9038  Write Me A Letter/Summertime  VG

JOHNNY RAY Col. 40252  To Ev’ry Girl…/Going Going Gone  VG++

J.RAY Okeh 6840  Cry/Little White Cloud…  VG++

J.RAY (album – 4 recs)  Col. C288  M-

MARGIE RAYBURN Lon. 55102  I'm Available/If You Were  M- -

RCA VICTOR FOLK DANCE ORCH.  456176  Crested Hen/Chimes of Dunkirk  M-

RED RIVER DAVE Musicraft 285  Convict & Rose/Lit. Red Caboose.. VG+

SIS.JESSIE MAE RENFRO Spec. 1588 He's So Wonderful/In That Home  VG+

DEBBIE REYNOLDS& CARTER MGM 30282  Aba Daba Honeymoon/Row Row row  M- -,  VG

BUDDY RICH Popular 3017  Baby Baby All The Time/Quiet Riot M- -

B.RICH Popular 3001 It Couldn't Be True/Dateless Brown M- -

JIMMY RICKS mer. 70330  Lonesome Road/Going Home  M-

MARTY ROBBINS Col. 21145 At End of Long Long Day/Sing Me Some. sentimental  VG++

M.ROBBINS  Col. 21525 (w/L.Emerson) I'll Know You're Gone/How Long Will It Be  M-

M.ROBBINS Col. 21213 Aloha Oe/My Isle of Golden Dreams  VG+,  VG+  dj,  M- - dj

M.ROBBINS Col. 21545 I Can't Quit/Sing The Blues  VG+

M.ROBBINS Col. 21291  Call Me Up/I'm Too Big To Cry  M-

M.ROBBINS CBS (S.Africa) Song of The Islands/Crying Steel Guitar Waltz  VG

M.ROBBINS Col. 40815  Same 2 Lips/Knee Deep in Blues  M- -

M.ROBBINS Col. 21111  Half Way Chance w/You/Castle In Sky  VG+

M.ROBBINS Col. 21075 I Couldn't Keep From Crying/After You Leave  VG+ dj (2)

M.ROBBINS Col. 21246  Pretty Words/your Hearts Turn..  M- - dj

REV.CLEOPHUS ROBINSON Spec. 1762  Pray For Me/When I Cross Over  VG+

HOMER RODEHAVER  Para. 33111 Brighten Corner../Carry Cross w/Smile  VG++

H.RODEHAVER Rainbow 820  Old Rugged Cross/In The Garden  M

H.RODEHAVER Victor 17455  De Brewers Big Horses/Old Fashioned Faith  VG+


JIM.RODGERS Apex (Canada) 76171 Honeycomb/Hearts Full of Spring M- -

MAX ROSEN (1 SIDED) Bruns. 10039  Traumerei  M-

AL RUSSELL TRIO Excelsior OR174  Must Forget A/You/Cement Mixer  VG++

JIM SACCA Dot 15130  Alone/You're All That I Need  VG+

ST. PAUL CHURCH CHOIR OF L.A.  Cap. 40076  Walk. w/My Jesus/What Could I Do  M- -

BILL SAMUELS Mer. 8029  Open Up That Door Richard/Candy Store Jump ( VG++ (little edge chip this side, nap)

TOMMY SANDS RCA  I Know a/The Bees/Never Let Me Go  VG+ dj,  M- dj

T.SANDS Cap. (Canada)E 3723  Goin Steady/Ring My Phone  VG++

T.SANDS Cap. (Can) 3690  My Love Song/Ring A Ding A Ding M-

SATELLITES Goldmine 730  Place To Hang My Hat/Gotta Settle Down M- -

DOC SAUSAGE Regal 3251  Rag Mop/You got Me Crying  VG

JAN SAVITT  Dec. 3671  Green Goon Drive/les preludes  M- -

GESCHWISTER SCHMID Decca (Ger) F43455  Es steht eine Muhle…/Der alte Geigenbauer  VG++

BEN SELVIN  Col. 1964D  I’m In Love w/You/Web of Love  VG++

TERRY SHAND Dec. 2927  Dance w/dolly/Don’t Make Me Laugh  M- -

DOROTHY SHAY (album col. C155- 4 recs) Goes To Town  M- -

D.SHAY (album Col. C119 – 4 recs)  Sings  M-

JAMES SHERIDAN & JAMES LYNCH  Down Trail To home Sweet Home/CRITERION QT. Darling    Bruns. 5024   VG+

ARKIE SHIBLEY Gilt Edge 5021  Living Alone w/Old Love/Hot Rod Race  VG++/M- -

J. SHILKRET The Classics 223  Estudiantina/Over The Waves  M- -

DINAH SHORE Col. 38284  Buttons & Bows/Daddy O   VG

GINNY SIMS Okeh 5703  Can’t Resist You/I’ll never Smile Again  M-

G.SIMS Okeh 5903  You Are The One/Frenesi  M- -

FREDDIE SLACK Cap. 20032  Bashful Baby Blues/Kitten On Keys  M- -

F.SLACK Cap. 115  Mr. 5 By 5/Thrill Is Gone  VG+

F.SLACK Cap. 102  Cow Cow boogie/Here You Are  M- -

F.SLACK Cap. 10134 (album CC83) Boogie In G/Boogie Minor  VG++

F.SLACK Cap. 10132 (album CC83)  Chopstick Boogie/Beverly Boogie  VG+/VG++

STEHL, DE JAEGER 7 WEINSTEIN/TAYLOR TRIO Col. A1809  perfect Day/Old Black Joe  VG++

ARTHUR SMITH'S HOT QT. Super Disc 1013  Countin' Blues/Guitar Jump  VG

TAB SMITH United 147  My Mothers Eyes/Cuban Boogie  VG+

RUDY SOOTER  Blk & White 10015  Million Daisies Told me/Can Tell by Look On Your Face  M- -

PHIL SPITALNY (cardboard 1 sided brown) Hit of The Week 1083  Swingin' In A Hammock  VG++

JO STAFFORD  Col. 39448  He Bought My Soul/Star of Hope  VG+ dj

J.STAFFORD Col. 39838  Jambalaya/same  VG++  dj

STANDARD SOUND EFFECT 97366  Automobile Effect-Ford V8 Running/Auto Horn Effects  VG++

STANLEY & BURR D & R 3551  Beyond Smiling & weeping/Nearer My god To Thee  VG++

KAY STARR  Cap. 2464  Allez-Vous-En/Half A Photograph  M- -  dj

K.STARR Jewel 1001  Don't Meddle In My Mood/Should I  M- -

BOB STEWART/VICTORIANS  Metro 7465  Dreaming of You/You’ll Always Be My Sweetheart  VG++

DEAN STEWART  Frat. 781  Something Happened/Chicken Hop  VG++

REX STEWARTS ELLINGTONIANS Blue Ace 232  Love In My Heart/Sugar Hill Shim Sham  M- -

STILLMAN’S ORIOLES perfect 14629  her Beaus Are Only rainbows/I’m blue Cause of you  VG+

SONNY STITT Prestige 722  Sonny Side/Takin’ Chance on Love  VG+

GALE STORM Dot 15412  I Hear You Knocking/Never Leave Me  M- -

G.STORM Reo (Can) 8068 Teen Age Prayer/Mem. Are Made of This  VG++

STRIDERS Cap. 15306  Some. Stole My Rose Colored Glasses/Pleasin You  M- -

LLOYD SULLIVAN/HERB KERN  Tempo 738  There I Go/Star Dust  VG+

YMA SUMAC Cap. 15648  Monkeys/High andes  VG++

Y.SUMAC Cap. 15647  Lure of Unknown Love/Virgin of Sun God  VG+

SWANS SILVERTONE SING. Spec. 829  Jesus Changed Heart of Mine/Day Will Surely Come  VG

TATTLE TALES Col. 40349  Far Away/Boolya Botten Booten Baby Huh  M- -

JOE TAYLOR/INDIANA REDBIRDS Red Bird 1003  Maumee Valley/Mom of Your Baby Days  VG++

TENOR SOLO  Harmony 5060 (mint lbl) Where Is My Wandering Boy Tonight/Jesus Lover of My Soul  (3” – 4” crack along edge otherwise  M-)

CHUCK THOMAS Cap. 57 746  Rose of Rio Grande/My Gee Gee From Fiji Islands  M-

THREE FLAMES col. 37268  Open door Richard/Nicholas  VG (little flaking edge, tol),  VG++

MARIE TIFFANY/CHAS. HARRISON & JOHN YOUNG Bruns. 5037  My Old KY Home/Sweet Genevieve  M- -

TOP KICKS Guyden 706  Don’t Break Heart That Loves You/Huh?   VG++

TINY TOPSY  Fed. 12309  Ring Round My Finger/Come On.. M-

MEL TORME Musicraft 534  Do It Again/Making Whoopee  VG++

M.TORME Musicraft 15111  No Business Like Show business/That’s Where I cam In  VG++/M- -

M.TORME Cap. 15379  Careless Hands/She’s Home Girl  VG++

M.TORME Cap. 15428  Blue Moon/Again  VG++

MITCHELL TOROK  Abbott 140  Caribbean/Weep Away  VG++

AL TRACE  Nat’l. 7005  Oh Maria/Taking Trains out  VG++

BARNEY TRIMBLE/HARMONIANS Velvet Tone 1894  Wedding Of Painted Doll/Garden In Rain  VG++

(12")TRINITY CHOIR  Victor  35110  M-

TRUMPETEERS Score 5012  There’s Light Shining In Heaven For Me/John DeRevelator  M- - (slightly “dished”)

TRUMPETEERS Score 5001  Handwriting On The Wall/Milky White Way  M-

TURBANS Reo (Can) When You Dance/Let Me Show You Around My Heart  VG+  tol

JOE TURNER Col. 1813D Freeze & Melt/Mississippi Moan VG+

J.TURNER Atl. 960 I'll Never Stop Loving You/Sweet 16  VG

ZEKE TURNER Regent 173  Zeke's Boogie/3rd. Man Theme VG++

JANE TURZY Dec. 28499  That Heart Belongs To me/Picking Sweethearts  VG++ dj, tag tear

JOHNNY TYLER  RCA 203280  Never See My Baby Alone/Jealous Blues  M- -

J.TYLER RCA 202171  New Pretty Blonde/So Round so Firm So Fully packed  VG++

US MARINE BAND  Victor 17577  Nat'l. Emblem March/Ger. Fidelity March  VG

RUDY VALLEE  Enterprise 195  Stein Song/COLLINS DRIGGS  Tea For 2   M-

R.VALLEE Victor 27844  I’m Just Vagabond Lover/Kitty From Kansas City  M- -

JUNE VALLI RCA 20 5653  Gypsy Was Wrong/Old Shoes & Bag of Rice  VG++/M- -

CHARLIE VENTURA mer. 8995  Yesterdays/Rose Room  VG+

GENE VINCENT  Cap. 3450  Be Bop A Lula/Woman Love (2 small rim chips – not into grooves)  VG

VOCAL QT. (1 sided) Oxford 4927  Beaut. Isle of Somewhere (fine crack, 1 ½”)  VG++

VOCAL QT. 91 sided0 Col. 3225  A Little Boy Called Taps  VG+

JERRY WALLIS  Allied 5019  Gee But Hate To go Home Alone/That's What A Woman Can Do  VG++

RUTH WALLIS Wallis Orig. 2005  Down In Montevideo/Bells Song  VG++

CLARA WARD Spec. 715  Come In The Room/I'm Wait. For Jesus VG

C.WARD  Gotham 715  Come In The Room/Wait. For Jesus  VG+

C.WARD Gotham 174  The Fountain/How I Got Over  VG+

C.WARD Spec. 674  The Fountain/How I Got Over  VG

ETHER WATERS   Bluebird 10025  Jeepers Creepers/They Say  VG++

DEEK WATSON Manor 1027  If I Can't Have You/I'm Lovin You For You  VG++

D.WATSON/BROWN DOTS  Manor 1026  Surrender/Satchelmouth Baby  VG

JERRY WAYNE Beacon 100  Indiana Blues/This Will Be Lonesome Summer  VG+ (clicks)

JILLA WEBB/BRITE SIS. (flip Eddie Wells/Brite Sis)  Spotlite 515  Forever & Ever/Everywhere You Go  M-

JOAN WEBER Col. 40366  Let Me Go Lover/Marionette   VG++(2)

LAWRENCE WELK mer. 5317  katrina/Ichabod Crane  M-

BEVERLY WHITE Joe Davis 7112  Don’t Stop Now/Hot Bread  VG

WILLY WHITE  perfect 11175  Butter Scotch/Try 7 Play it  VG++

ANDY WILLIAMS Cad. 1297  Canadian Sunset/High Up On Mountain  VG++

BERT WILLIAMS col. A2750  Everyone Wants Key To My Cellar/Its nobodys business But my own  VG,  VG++ (rim chip not into grooves)

B.WILIAMS Col. A2877  I’m Sorry Ain’t Got It You Could../Checkers  VG+

B.WILLIAMS Col. A2505  I’ve Found Kelly/Little Bit Cucumber  VG+

COOTIE WILLIAMS Okeh 6224  Blues In My condition/ain’t Misbehavin  VG+  tol

(12")EVAN WILLIAMS  Victor 741265  (1 sided)  M-

LARRY WILLIAMS Regency (Can) 687  Bony Mornie/You Bug Me VG+

PAUL WILLIAMS HUCKLEBUCKERS Savoy 814  Rockin Chair Blues/Sinner's Hop Pt. 1  VG++

SUSAN WILLIAMS Lincoln 2584  Dyin Crop Shooters Blues/Gay Catin’ Daddy  VG+

TEDDY WILLIAMS MGM 11446  Why do U do Things../Bar 7 Grill Blues  VG++ (slight click,  dj)

CHUCK WILLIS Okeh 6841  Too Late Baby/lets Jump Tonight  VG+  tol

JIM .WILSON Big Town 101  Big Town Jump/Tin Pan Alley  VG+

BLASORCHESTER B. WINKLER RCA 254071  Isarwinkler…/

Erika…  VG++

GESCHWISTER WINKLER QT. Lond. P18008 (Eng) O Land Am Bodensee/Fliege Mit  VG++

FREDDIE WOLF Disc-Co 101  I Still Get A Thrill/Ballin The Jack  VG++

DEL WOOD Republic 7051  Ricky Tic Piano/Moonlight Cocktail   M- -

D.WOOD Tenn. 775  Down yonder/Dreamy eyes  VG+

DALE WRIGHT Reo (Can) 8212  She's neat/Say That You Care

MR. “X”/A.HULL 7 JOHN RYAN Radiex 2226  Lonesomest Girl In Town/If I Ever Get Back To Birmingham  VG+

YOGI YORGESSON Cap. 781  Yingle Bells/I Yust Go Nuts at Christmas  M- - dj

LORETTA YOUNG (album Dec. 399- 3 recs0  Littlest Angel  VG++/M- - 

TALES OF UNCLE REMUS  Cap. Album DC116 (3 recs & jkt)  J.Mercer, James Basset, Orig. Cast  VG

JIM SUMMERS HIT PARADE (Indianapolis) 508  I Can Resist/No Stone Unturned  VG++

STANDARD DISC RECORD  A962  V.Archibald  Mother of Mine/In Old Madrid  VG++

STANDARD DISC RECORD A523  E.Muench  Aus Der Jugendzeit  VG++

BIG 4 HITS  227  Great Balls of Fire + 3  (Hambone Jackson & 3 others)  VG+ (w/orig. sleeve)

Irene 1-510  4 songs (Patsy Kelly Trio, Gini Patton, Lois Costello, Bob Ward)  VG++

ROCK ‘N ROLL Variety 1801  ¾   6 R & R songs (no artist credits)  VG


NO ARTISTS LISTED ON FOLLOWING “POPULAR” LABEL.  3 songs each side.  Rec. numbers:  11, 2211, 7,  2210 (Dean Martin credited on 1 cut) (2),   13,  2201


EDISON LABEL(thick) 50602R  Helen Clark/Margaret Frerr (some edge chipping )  VG

EDISON LABEL (thick) 51236L  John Baltzell both sides (slight edge chipping)  VG+


TOP HIT TUNES  (of Harrison, NJ)  * have 10 of these records.  Each has 3 songs per side (late 50’s R & R) by their own artists.   VG+/VG++


“PROM” lbl. (have few of these)  Interests?

“Gateway Parade/Hits” (have few of these)  Interests?

“Tops” lbl. (have quite a few of these & some “Tops” sleeves)) Interests?


12” Victrola 88663 (VICTOR etched backside) F. Chaliapin – Song Volga – Boatman (2” light crack edge – otherwise M-)


12” 2 record set  Victor 118747/48  Boston Symph./Koussevitsky Daphnis & Chloe Suite 2  M- (w/sleeve/jkt)