SPORTS MATERIALS FOR SALE  updated   7/17/13





MUHAMMED ALI  (for Johns Fruit & Vegetable Co.) Ali &his gang Vs. Mr. Tooth Decay (w.Cosell, F.Sinatra, etc.)  VG  $14

M.ALI The Greatest film soundtrack  Arista 7000  M-  $25,  SS co  $30,  (

VG++  (Germany pressing) $25

BASEBALL – AN ACTION HISTORY Col. KL5270 (w/great 12” X 12” 30 pg. booklet) Voices of Cobb, Ruth, Robinson, Feller & 14 others.  B.Blattner, narr.  VG+ (jkt seams neatly taped)  $15

BASEBALL – THE 1st.  100 YEARS  Fleetwood 3036  Narr. James Stewart & C. Gowdy  M (jkt VG++)  $15

BIG RED MACHINE Fleetwood 3049 (1970) “Exciting Play by Play Action Cinn. Reds Drive to N. L. Pennant – Nuxhall & Mc Intyre”  M  $16

BOSTON RED SOX “THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM” (Story of the 1967 Season)  Fleetwood 3024  M  $17

TERRY BRADSHAW  Mer. 1073  I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry  M- - $15

TERRY BRADSHAW Heartwarming 3735  Here In My Heart  M- -   $15

T.BRADSHAW Benson 3702  Until You (Gospel)  VG+  $9


(12” single) CHICAGO BEARS SHUFFLIN CREW   The Superbowl Shuffle  Red 70060 (with jacket)  M  $15(2)

CHICAGO BEARS SHUFFLIN CREW (12’ SINGLE)  Red Label 70060  M  $8(2),  M-  $7


CHICAGO CUBS ORGANIST – FRANK PELLICO (autographed) Thornwood  Love Will Keep Us Together  M  $12

DALLAS COWBOYS CHRISTMAS  Home Sweet Home 122585  (done for charities-1985)  M- - $13

BUDDY DIAL word 3158  Sings  M- - (needle marks)  $10

THE ESPOSITO (Phil & Tony) STORY  Cori Sports 3104  (narr. Don Earle)  M- -  $20


FOOTBALL ALLIE SHERMAN (NY giants coach) 1 hr. radio show 11/11/63.  Close Up On Allie Sherman  WNEW  M- - $16

GAME OF LIFE “Imaginary Football Game Between Christianity & Forces of Evil”  Narr. Jarrell McCracken.  These speak:  Bobby Richardson, P.Dietzel, Bob Pettit, B.Glass, ray Berry, Alvin Dark, Bill Wade, Rafer Johnson, buddy Dial.  Word 3298    M  $10,     VG+  $5

“THE GLORY OF THEIR TIMES” Macmillan Co. 60364  “Story of Early Days of Baseball Told by The Men Who Played It”.  M   $18

GOLF – 10 WAYS TO TAKE STROKES OFF YOUR GAME – for Munsing  wear & Dacron  finsterwald, Beard, Geiberger, Nichols, Sikes, Jacobs, Goalby, January, Floyd, Rudolph each contribute (their pictures on cover)  M  $10

GOLF – O – MANIA  “An Album of Hilarious 19th Hole Golf Humor prod. By Kermit Schafer  GPI-1   VG  $7

GREAT MOMENTS FROM THE WORLD OF SPORTS  Col. C11056  (narr. By Jim McKay ) M- - $9

GREAT MOMENTS IN OHIO STATE FOOTBALL (tribute to Woody Hayes – narr. Marv Homan)  Fleet. S1009  SS $14

GREAT MOMENTS IN SPORT (for Autolite) Col. 103091/90.  Voices of B.Ruth, Rockne, Dizzy Dean, Althea Gibson, D.Snider, etc. and segments of broadcasts of great events.  J.McKay narr.  M  $15

GREATEST MOMENTS IN SPORTS (mid 50’s prod.) Col KL5000 (cover Ruth & Gehrig embracing) Actual sounds/voices.  Booklet missing.  VG++ $16

HAND IN HAND prod. Giorgio Moroder  Songs performed by “Koreana”. It includes official ’88 Seoul Olympic Song “Hand In Hand’.  Polydor 422836111.  Cover is picture of opening ceremony Seoul 1988 Olympics  M-  $8

HEINSOHN’S HEROES  Fleetwood 3082  Play By Play, Highlights, interviews of 1974 Boston Celtics season/championship  VG++ $14

ART HOLST (Pro Football Official) “Challenge Of A Pro” (motivational speech)  1969  M- - $8

HOOSIER HYSTERIA  Fleetwood 3096  “Play by Play, Highlights & Interviews – Indiana Univ. Basketball Season of 1976/76 (NCAA Championship)”  M  $15,  M- -  $13

RALPH HOUK  Mgr. NY Yankees  Carlton CH H16  Hear How To Play Better Baseball  M - -  $15

INDIANA HIGH SCHOOL STATE BASKETBALL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME 1975 - - Marion Giants vs. Loogootee Lions.  Nice jkt./photos   M- (jkt. little moisture damage)  $10,  M  $12(2)

INDIANA UNIVERSITY MARCHING HUNDRED FSR  S1266  “Indiana”  VG++ (nice jkt/pictures.  Late 70;s??/early 80’s??   $10

RED JONES  (18 yrs. Major league umpire) STRIKES BACK (w/Al Ackerman)  Motown S691  Funny stories a/great players   M- - $20

SANDY KOUFAX Radio spots for Nat’l. Multiple Sclerosis Society 1968.  Various celebs.  Sandy does a 60 & a 20 second spot.  VG++  $20(2)

LAST REBEL (movie sndtk., Joe Namath)  Cap. SW827  Joe not on record.  “Pic. cover & back”  M (jkt VG)  $10

MEADOWLARK LEMON Casa. 7132  My Kids  (he sings!)  M-  $20

LIFE THAT WINS (for Fellow.Christian Athletes) Word 3414  (talk by Landry, Erskine, Prent.Gautt, B.Richardson, others)  VG++  $8,  M- - $9,  M  $10

MICKEY MANTLE  This is a record for radio station use to promote the USAF during Sept., 1964.  Mickey does a 60 sec. & a 20 sec. “spot”.  VG+  $40

DENNY MC LAIN Cap. ST2881 (Cover is Denny on mound) at the Organ  M- - $16,  M- -  nj  $7,   M_  $17

STAN MUSIAL  RCA PB141   StanThe Man’s Hit Record  M-  $18,   VG++  (with instru. Sheet)  $14,   VG (no instr. Sheet, nj)  $5,  VG++ (w/instruction sheet)  $14

DON NEWCOMB – A MOMENT IN SPORTS   4 – 4 ½ min. radio programs w/Don hosting.  4 sports figures & also 8 90 second “spots” w/sports figures.  All programming sponsored by Nat’l. Institute Alcohol Abuse & alcoholism.  Don pictures & accomplishments  on jacket front & back.  M  $16

1984 OLYMPICS  Official Music of  XX111RD Olympiad Los Angeles  1984.  Col. 39322  M- (jkt VG+)  $10

1971 SPORTS HIGHLIGHTS (narr. M.Glickman)  Fleetwood 3061  M- - $14

ED NOTTLE (Coach Oakland A’s)  Notts Land. 4326  To Baseball w/Love (great cover – Oakland Stadium)  M  $15

ODE TO THE TIGERS  (Memphis St. Football0 made for NAPA Auto Parts  M- - (jkt VG+)  $8

OFFICIAL MUSIC OF 23RD. OLYMPIAD  Los Angeles 1984 (nice gatefold jkt) Col. 39322  M  $10

OHIO STATE MARCHING BAND FSR S1264  Chas. Spohn, director (gatefold jkt)  M  $10

ARNOLD PALMER “Personal Golf Instru.” W/Chris Schenkel.  2 recs. W/24 pg. Booklet.  Arnold 32 yrs. Old.  M- - $18,   VG++ (jkt wtr dam)  $15,   M-  $20(2)

PARDON MY SPORTS BLOOPERS Kermit Schafer-Hilarious Radio & TV sports boners!  Jubilee SPMB9  VG+ (seam splits neatly taped)  $8


PITTSBURGH STEELERS SUPER TEAM XIII Fleetwood 3111  Jack Fleming, narr. (play by play highlights 1978 season, playoffs, super bowl)  M  $10

THE RECORD BREAKERS (for Spaulding) “Live Sounds of Greatest moments In Sports History”.  Phil Rizzuto, narr.  (w/B.ruth, D.Larsen, B.Thompson, J.Dimaggio)  1963  NFL  title game.  Clay-Liston fight, J.J.Corbett, Louis-Schmeling, Tunney-Dempsey.  P.Gonzales, Althea Gibson, D.Hart-M.Osborne, Bobby Jones,  Jesse Owens,  G.Cunningham, R.Bannister, Sea Biscuit  M-  $12, M- (nj, little edge warp – doesn’t affect play)  $7

ANTONIO ROCCA MGM E4183  In This Corner..The Musical World of A.R. (Rocca conducts an orch.).  Real interesting info. about his life & musical background, plus pictures on jkt. back.  M-  $15(3)

ST. LOUIS CARDINALS – WORLD CHAMPIONS  , 1964 (w/Harry Carey & Jack Buck – Play by Play & Highlights of pennant drive.  VG+ (seams split) $20

SECRETS OF BOWHUNTING  (Fred Bear/Curt Gowdy) for Bear Archery  M- - $8

7 DAYS TO BETTER GOLF  ADC SS61 1RH (Psychological cond. Prog)  VG+(jkt VG)  $8

(10”)SONGS OF UNIV. OF NOTRE DAME Notre dame Band & Glee Club  RCA M-  $25

SPECIAL KIND OF MAN – Christian music sung by Geo. Fields with statements of faith by Roger Stauback, Cazzic Russell, Calvin Hill, Harmon Killebrew, Carroll Dale, Tim Foley, Gary Cuozzo, Don Kessinger & Bill Glass (small pic. of each on back of jkt).  M  $14

THE SPORTING NEWS REPORT  radio prog. (20 spots on 1 LP, 1 –2 min. each)  Reports on sports news/stories.  All those listed talk!  $20 each. - -  weeks of 2/17/86 (McCovery, Buddy Ryan, Len Dawson, Lynn Dickey, Billy Simms, Art McNally, Geo.Young, J.Plante, Ray Meyer, Russell Ellington)

1/20/86.  (J.Unitas, Gerry Faust, Grete Waitz, M.Glickman, Dr. J., Larry Bird, Wayne Laravee, Ozzie Guillen, Bob Trumpy, Johnny Most)

1/13/86.  (Vince Coleman, Willie McGee, Buck Buchanan, Steve Alford, Bill Welton, Bo Jackson, W.Herzog, Don Mattingly, P.Uberroth, J.Andujar, G.Howe)

12/23/85.  (L.Bird, Bobby Clark, M.Goukkas, Way.Tisdale, J.Montana, M.Bol., Jim Brown, Hubie Brown, G.Sayers, Walter Davis, C.Kellog) 

SPORTS BLOOPERS  “Radio & TV Sports boners”  Jubilee 9  VG++ (jkt VG)  $8

SPORTS FLASHBACK  radio prog. (14 spots on 1 lP, 2 – 3 min. each.  Has sports trivia question, review of event & short segment of live broadcast of event)  $8 each - - week of  2/17/86,     2/3/86,    1/20/86,      1/13/86,     12/23/85.

BOB STEELE (radio station WTIC)  #1080  Boob..Er..Uh… B.Steele Goes On The Record  M  $15

TOUGH ENOUGH SNDTRK. (boxing story)  Lib. 51141  M- - $10

UNDER THE MASTER COACH Word 3165  These talk: Branch Rickey, Boo Ferris, Murray Warmath, Fordy Anderson, Carl Erskine, Bob Feller, Otto Graham, Rafer Johnson, Alvin Dark, Paul Dietzel  VG++ $7,  M  $10

UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN FOOTBALL & BO’S RUN FOR THE ROSES pt. II  (1977, 78,79,81 Rose Bowl)  M- $15(2)



Hoosier High (1981 IU NCAA Champs)  Stillman-Davis Band 6 songs (Hoosier High, Big Red R N’ R,  Stars & Stripes Forever, Collegetown, IU Groove, Hail To Old IU).  By Collegetown Records.  Front is cheerleader, IU player #11 going in for layup (in color).  Back is red & white, “IU logo/NCAA Champions”.  M-   $35



ABNER THE BASEBALL by Eddie Lawrence  Coral 61821 (a fantasy about a ball’s view of the game!)  1955??  VG++ (w/VG pic. sleeve & nice liner notes)  $8

WILLIE LOCO ALEXANDER/ERIK LINDGREN Stanton Park 011  Larry Bird (1988)  M  $12

MUHAMMAD ALI Crimson Dynasty 301  I’m The Greatest  M  $15

BOBBY BALL & HIS BATGS M-erald (Ft. Wayne, IN) 2050  Just Playin Baseball (comedy) M- - $8

BALLAD OF WALTER PAYTON by Cagle Family  Jay Vol. 9  M  $9

BOBBY BARE Col. 03809  The Jogger  m  $6

BASEBALL (AMERICA’S NAT’L.PASTIME) by “Mudville 9”/Willie, Mickey & The Duke (talkin’ baseball by Terry Cashman)  Lifesong 45087 w/nice PS (Casey Stengel 1 side)  NO RECORD!!  M-  $7

STEVE BLEDSOE Scope 1961  Stan The Man  VG+  $7

LARRY BOWA/DAVE CASH molly 4579  Ting A Ling Dbl. Play #1/#2   M-  $10

NELSON BRILES  Cap. P3851  Hey Hank/Soft The Summer Wind Blows  VG++  dj  $5

BROTHER BONES  Harlem Globetrotters  300  Sweet Georgia Brown  M- - $7,   VG+  $$4,  VG++ $6

HARRY CARAY  Churchill 7714  Take me Out To Ball Game/Na Na Hey Hey  M  $9(2)

TERRY CASHMAN Lifesong 45104  Talkin Baseball(Cubs, with title sleeve)  M- $10

TERRY CASHMAN Willie Mickey & The Duke/DION I Used To Be A Brooklyn Dodger  Collectables 3569  M  $7

RICK CERONE Reel Dreams 1002  A Long Run Home  M (w/VG++ PS)  $10

CHICAGO BEARS  Red Lbl. 71012  Superbowl Shuffle  VG++ $4,  M (w/PS)  $10


CHICAGO CUBS SING  Chess 2075  Pennant Fever/Slide (1969 ) Williams, Santo, Kessinger, etc.)  M- (no PS)  $10

COLLEAGUES  Fraternity 3388  Football Widow Wife  VG+  $3

TONY CONIGLIARO RCA 47 8793  I Was there/When You Take More Than You Give  M-  dj  $9

THE CUBS SONG  by Len Dressiar Singers UNIV.  40528  VG++ $7,  M- (w/PS)  $10,  M- -  w/PS  $10

DON DRYSDALE Repr. 20162  One Love/Give Her Love  VG++ $10

GABBY THE BASEBALL SERENADER  Fox 104  Just Talkin Baseball/The Baseball Serenade  M-  $12

GLOBETROTTERS  Riplete 15673  Rainy Day Bells/If You Don’t want My Love  M-  $10(2)

ROOSEVELT GRIER  Amy 11029  Hard To Forget/People Make The World  VG $6

ROSEY GRIER  A&M 1500  You’re The Violin  M-  dj  $7

R.GRIER MGM 13698  Yesterdy/Slow Drag  M-  $8

GERRY GROSSMAN  Hippo-ray 1117  We Love The Cubs  M $9

HILLBILLY JIM (wrestling)  Epic 05686  Don’t Go messin w/Country Boy  M (w/VG+ PS)  $7

CHARLIE HUSTLE by Pamela Neal  Free Flight 11557  M  dj  $7(2)

THE IDIOTS  Riverside 4505  The Sportscaster (comedy – 2 baseball announcers )  M  $5

PETER LEE Peter Lee 1001  Bring It Back Celtics (1986)   M  $9,  M-  $8

JOHN CULLITON MAHONEY  Amherst 701  Ballad of Evel knievel  VG++  $7

MICKEY MANTLE/TERESA BREWER  Coral  61700  I Love Mickey M- -  $16,  M-  $20

CARL MAUCK  Bellaire X111  (Houston) Oiler Cannonball  M  $9

LYLE MC PHEETERS  Artco 503  Ballad of Bobby Riggs/same  M-  dj  $8

LEE OFMAN & GRIDNITZ  M.O.M. 1976  Houston Oilers Number one  M  $7

JIM OWEN Ace of Hearts 0476  Roberto’s Gone (Clemente)  M  dj  $8

PIGSKINS Happy Day 501 (Chicago Bears) Monsters of The Midway  M  $9

JIMMY POL Nat’l. Rec. Mart  Steelers Fight Song 1973/Steelers Fight Song 1978  M-  $7

CACTUS PRYOR  4 Star 1676 (baseball announcer parody) Whats The Score ponder/Tweedle Dee  M-  $6

C.PRYOR  4 Star P101  (baseball announcer parody) Whats The Score Podner pt. 1/(baseball announcer parody) pt. 2    M- (slight warp doesn’t affect play)  $8

JOHN L. RITTER Vi King (Mineapolis) Legend of Bud Grant/Viking Fight Song  M-  $7

OSCAR ROBERTSON & RIMSHOTS  Fountain 2245  The Big O  VG++ $15

MIKE TIGER RPI 12570  Archie Who At L.S.U./Hey Fighting Tiger 

M- -    $10

12 DAYS OF A CLEVELAND BROWN CHRISTMAS  Paid 9 (Elliott, Walter & Bennett)  M- - $4

THE UMPIRES Jaclyn 101  Go Go Phillies ‘64/Play Ball (w/hard cover Pic. Sleeve – 3 of ’64 Phillies pic. front & back).  M-  $15

JOHNNY WAKELIN  Pye (England) 71012  Black Superman – Muhammad Ali  M-  $8,  M- (Australian issue)  $8,  VG++  $7

PAUL WALTI WB 5138  San Francisco Giants Song/San Francisco 49 er’s Song  M- - $10

BIG TOM WHITE CMH 1503  The Catfish Kid (Ballad of Jim Hunter)  M- - $7,  M-  $8

TED WILLIAMS (for Sears)  Tips On How To Become A Better Hitter  VG++ $20,  VG+  $15(2),  VG  $8



GLORY OF THE GRIDIRON  8 football related fight songs (bands not identified).  Nice game scene on jkt. cover.  1950’s  Sesac AD59  M- - $7



HOW TO PLAY BASEBALL  RCA (2 rec. set by Joe E. Brown)  In a nice album w/illustrations.  Joe in Yankees uniform front cover.      M- -  $25

(6”)TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALLGAME  Golden R107  w/Rizzuto, Heinrich, Branca, Campanella!  W/Pic. Sleeve of them!  VG  $35

GLADYS GOODING (Madison Dq. Garden 7 Ebbets Field Organist) 20th Cent. 20-30  (looks good but 2 cracks edge to label)  $8

VINCE DIMAGGIO ORCH rocket 1  El Relicario/Mandolin Polka 9loos M- but is cracked)  $10


7” 33’s

BASEBALL TIPS FROM THE STARS (for Mars Candy Co.)  Duke Snider, Ken Boyer, Ernie Banks, Stan Musial  VG+  $12

CURT GOWDY  Fleetwood FMS26  NFL Memories (w/picture jacket)  M  $9

GREATEST MOMENTS IN SPORTS (for Gillette)  Mel Allen, narr.  VG  $4






BASEBALL DIGEST  Jan. ’70  $3,     Oct. ’70    $3,     July ’70    $3,    May ’61  $6   June ’61    $6

CHRISTIAN READER  9/88   Jim Ryan cover & article   $3

GUIDEPOST  Sept. 1973  Hank Aaron (cover & story)  $5

GUIDEPOST 6/74  Chris Schenkel (cover & story)   $5

LIFE  8/13/56   (Pitts. Pirates article)   $4

LIFE 9/8/67  Yaz cover - - Pennant race article  $8

LIFE  9/26/69  J.Koosman cover - - article “Mets In Stretch”   $7

LIFE 3/5/71  Ali/Frazier cover & story  $6

LIFE  7/30/65   Mantle cover & article  (little moisture dam. Lower left corner)  $16

LOOK  2/23/65   (Mantle article & pics)  $10

LOOK  5/24/60    article  “Golf’s Toughest 18 Holes”   $4

LOOK  6/21/60   article “Ingemar Johansson- Man Behind Big Rt. Hand”  (lots of pics)  $5

OPEN ROAD  May, 1953!!  Mickey Mantle (inset on cover & article w/pics)  Cover seam split  $100

SAT. EVE. POST  9/16/61  Casey Stengel cover inset & “His Own Story” article   $7

SPORT   6/69  Ted Williams cover  $5

TOM HARMON TRACES (nice 8 ½” X 11”, quality – Indiana Historical Soc. Pub.)  Cover, 10 page article w/pictures.  $7



BASEBALL AN ACTION HISTORY  (History, pics, stats)  Orig. part of LP record package by Columbia records  (12” X 12”)  30 pgs.  $7

UPI  1965  Football Handbook & Schedules   3 ¾” X 8”   48 pgs.  $5

UPI  1966  Baseball Handbook & Schedules  3 ¾” X 8”   48 pgs.   $5



BIRD 16” X 23”  Larry shooting jumper over Dr. J   $8

PETE ROSE (for Wheaties)  22”X 28”  1985   $12(2)

WWF WRESTLING 38” X 27”  for video store use – advertising WWF videos.  Stars pictured   nice!  (2 different available)    $12

MURPHY’S LAWS OF GOLF  35” X 24”  movie starring Tom Poston   Poster is comprised of cartoons about golf   $10

TIME OUT TRUTH ABOUT AIDS & HIV    27” X 40”  (video)  Magic Johnson & Arsenio Hall pictured   $15

WRESTLEMANIA VII  (Hulk Hogan pic.)  17” X 12”   $15




 Mini poster 17” X 11” and unused video box.  Both items picture contemporary pics. Of Mantle, Ted Williams, Reg.Jackson, Bench,Rose, Aaron, Musial, Seaver, Winfield    New  $15



CASTLE FILMS  3010   Famous Fights   M  $15



8 ½” X 11”   Contemporary Books, Inc.  1985.  96 pgs.  Mets, Yankees, Dodgers, Angels  (1 copy of each)  $30 each  (mint)

CINCINNATI REDS  (1985, 1982,  1984,  1983)  $8 each



WORLD WRESTLING FED. SUPERSTARS  “Wrestlemania The Album  $10



DRIVE TO THE FINAL 4   Billy Packer  (1991)  $6



1980 THE YEAR OF THE OLYMPIC GAMES  (theme; pics., info) for Burger King  $6